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LetsTans for Kindle
LetsTans 3-in-1 ($1.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
LetsTans Classic ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
LetsTans Checkered ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
LetsTans Duo ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX, Kindle (2nd Generation)
Versions History
v1.3 November 20, 2012
v1.2 May 25, 2012
v1.1 January 3, 2012
v1.0 November 3, 2011
What reviewers are saying
★★★★ "It was a good challenge for me and it also relaxed me."
--Erik, This Kid Reviews Books
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★★★★★ "A great game for any age and wonderful for car trips or waiting time at the clinic or anywhere for that matter."
--Book Him Danno,
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★★★★★ "This is a different type of puzzle and one not to be missed. I highly recommend this game for a different and exciting challenge."
--K.P. Druckenmiller,
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★★★★★ "They are fun to do alone or with someone and they really help to sort of stretch your brain."
--Patty Magyar,
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★★★★★ "Fun! Fun! Fun! My whole family loves racing each other to see who can find the matched pieces the fastest."
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★★★★ "Definitly exercises your brain and helps keep it working on those days you don't feel like doing anything else."
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★★★★★ "With 300 puzzles in total, the game provides a lot of potential enjoyment for fans of tangrams, jigsaw puzzles and other spatial reasoning exercises."
--Rocky Sunico,
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★★★★★ "What a fun Kindle application. I found it easy and challenging at the same time."
--Linda Nelson,
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★★★★★ "What a great way to keep challenging myself. If you like puzzles, this is going to be one that you will want to get."
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★★★★★ "Loads of brain-bending fun!"
--Evan Hammerman,
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★★★★ "There's more than one way to play, even before you try the two non-classic versions given in the contents."
--S. Deeth,
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★★★★ "These are a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a meeting, doctor's appointment or just to zone out for awhile."
--K. Groh,
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★★★★★ "LetsTans by Grabarchuk Puzzles has turned out to be so addictive, I find myself playing it during free moments."
--Christy Tillery French,
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★★★ "LetsTans is a creative new puzzle game that involves moving shapes around to complete pictures."
--Stephen Jones,
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★★★★ "Pleasing puzzles. The greatest challenge is getting the Kindle back from the kids."
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★★★★ "The quantity of puzzles (300) makes the game a good buy for people who like good, easy to very difficult challenges."
--Gary Severance,
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★★★★ "Very impressive - I'm certain that if you like puzzles, this application is a must buy."
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★★★★★ "LetsTans offers as good a combination of educational and entertaining features as any Kindle game or puzzle. I recommend it for everyone."
--Aaron C. Brown,
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★★★★★ "This app has really opened my mind to the possibilities of using my kindle for games!"
--Nurse Katt,
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★★★★★ "LetsTans is one of those puzzles that's not only fun, it's a complete mental and aesthetic experience. Not only that, be forewarned that it's highly addictive!"
--J. Chambers,
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★★★★★ "A fun game that is like jigsaw puzzles."
--Israel Drazin,
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★★★★★ "LetsTans is a definite winner for the Kindle."
--G. Uhl,
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★★★★★ "I don't even usually like spatial puzzles that much, but once I got started I didn't budge out of my seat for almost two hours!"
--Fitzgerald Fan,
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★★★ "The design and the idea behind this program are very solid. Tangrams are quite a popular puzzle even now, and LetsTans make playing tangrams a very enjoyable experience."
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★★★★★ "Very well done puzzle game for the Kindle. The large number of puzzles provided makes this a great value!"
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★★★★★ "Tangrammatical Fun! :-) This game does an outstanding job of bringing tangrams to the Kindle. Kudos, and highly recommended!!!"
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★★★★★ "FUN! More fun that I expected! Great Kindle game. Testing your spacial skills keeps you sharp--a good brainteaser for young and old. Recommended!"
--Joanna Daneman,
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★★★★★ "Making time away from home (on plane, bus, train, car) very entertaining as well as providing fine exercises for the brain."
--Grady Harp,
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★★★★★ "Games on the kindle tend to be "hit or miss", but this one is a solid hit! Highly Recommended!"
--C. F. Hill,
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