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Puzzle Quizzes Deluxe ($2.99)
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Puzzle Quizzes Volume 1 ($0.99)
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Puzzle Quizzes Volume 2 ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
Puzzle Quizzes Volume 3 ($0.99)
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Puzzle Quizzes Volume 4 ($0.99)
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Puzzle Quizzes Volume 5 ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX, Kindle (2nd Generation)
Versions History
v1.3, October 29, 2012
v1.2, May 2, 2012
v1.1, March 29, 2012
v1.0, January 17, 2012
Puzzle Quizzes
What reviewers are saying
★★★★ "I found the puzzles to be very professionally designed, and totally challenging."
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★★★★★ "A fun collection of "150 Brainteasers" that would be great for both family and homeschool/classroom use!"
--D. Fowler,
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★★★★★ "Made my mind work to solve which I appreciate."
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★★★★★ "I am not a brain teaser person usually but i liked these."
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★★★★★ "A fun game that helps improve the mind."
--Israel Drazin,
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★★★★★ "Hours of interactive IQ entertainment."
--Andrea Coventry,
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★★★★★ "Like blueberries!!! A brain healthy thing to do!!!"
--Patty Magyar,
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★★★★★ "There really is something for everyone here with this set, and it ranges from easy to hard."
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★★★★★ "There are many hours of fun in this little Kindle puzzle book and well worth the small investment."
--K. Groh,
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★★★★★ "An excellent value, these creative challenges will provide you hours of brain teasing fun!"
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★★★★★ "It is a very enjoyable and challenging game that will keep your mind sharp."
--K.P. Druckenmiller,
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★★★★★ "I enjoyed playing the variety of puzzles, many of which are illusional teasers."
--Linda Nelson,
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★★★★ "All in all, a really enjoyable addition to the Grabarchuk set of puzzle books."
--S. Deeth,
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★★★ "This game features a wide variety of visual puzzles that make you feel you're undergoing some standardized IQ test."
--Rocky Sunico,
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★★★★★ "A great way to spend your time if you don't feel in the mood for reading."
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★★★★ "If you like any sort of puzzles, be sure to review their selection, as you will find something that you like."
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★★★★ "If you like the quiz format, this is a five-star e-book."
--Aaron C. Brown, eRaider.comm
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★★★★★ "I'll be looking for more of these, and will be a bit more discerning when I order games in the future..."
--Amy Henry,
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★★★★★ "If you want to exercise your brain and have fun, there is no reason not to avail yourself of these Puzzle Quizzes."
--C. Stephans,
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★★★★★ "This is a great addition to the Kindle library for puzzle enthusiasts (like me)! Highly Recommended!"
--C. F. Hill,
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★★★★★ "Seem to appeal to everyone, given the fact that the player may select form easy to difficult and slowly advance at the player's won pace."
--Grady Harp,
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★★★★★ "A well designed group of brainteasers that makes excellent use of the Kindle platform."
--J. Chambers,
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★★★★★ "Another excellent set of puzzles. Highly recommended."
--Ed Pegg,
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Shelly Hazard
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