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Tappi Adventures for iPhone/iPod touch
Tappi Adventures ($0.99)
Available on the App Store
v2.1, September 30, 2012
Tappi Adventures Deluxe ($2.99)
Available on the App Store
v2.1, September 30, 2012
Tappi Adventures Lite (Free)
Available on the App Store
v2.1, September 30, 2012
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Tappi Adventures
September 30, 2012: New Tappi Adventures is FREE for a limited time! Selected by FreeAppMagic - 3 great free apps every day!
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Hi, I'm Tappi! Welcome to my adventures :) I’ve taken pictures from all of them, but accidentally all those pictures have been broken :( Help me restore the proper picture of each adventure, and you'll see what cities I've visited, what modern World Wonders I've seen, what sports are played around the globe, and much more!
To restore the picture, tap any two parts to swap them, until all parts are in their proper places. Get the best grades passing adventures in the minimum numbers of swaps!
You are welcome to explore 12 different themes: Vacation, Jobs, World Wonders, Camping, In Love, Great Cities, Sport, Months, Puzzle Land, Dreams, Hobbies, and Game Land. Each theme contains 12 different adventures of different difficulty levels -- so with each next adventure you'll discover a new challenge to solve.
• 144 adventures with endless puzzles!
• 12 different themes.
• 3 difficulty levels: from easy to hard.
• Intuitive easy-to-play controls.
• Guest Player: get your friend to play!
• Need help? Use advanced hint system.
• Made for iPhone 4 Retina display.
• Compatibility with iOS4 multitasking.
Guest Player
Wanna get your friend playing the adventures? Turn-on "Guest Player".
Can’t pass the adventure? Use Hints and I’ll help you!
Get four different versions of LetsTans:
• Tappi Adventures - app with 144 adventures and 12 themes (11 to unclock)
• Tappi Adventures Deluxe - premium app with 144 adventures and 12 themes, no in-apps or ads
• Tappi Adventures Lite - free app with 12 adventures and 1 theme
What reviewers are saying
"A relaxing and fun game without being too stressful on the brain!"
--Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps
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"The Grabarchuk family has a long history of producing interesting, innovative puzzles. Tappi Adventure is perfect for kids!"
--Tom Cutrofello's Puzzle Blog
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"It is easy and surprisingly troubled puzzle."
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"A pretty cool puzzle game which I can say, I’ve never really seen before."
--The APPera
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"The graphics are incredibly bright and colorful, just like stained glass."
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"This beautiful puzzle is free in the AppStore today and is to grab it now for all the fans of this type of puzzles."
--Apps do iPhone
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"A tile sorting puzzle game that sees a brightly colored picture broken into an assortment of rectangular tiles."
--Frisky Mongoose
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